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Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog!

You can forget about how destinations are depicted in flashy magazines or by scripted shows. Poetic travel writing is so overrated. This blog is all about providing travellers with real, useful and practical information to know before you go, and reviews for travel destinations, with images and videos that depict the destinations as they are. These posts are written by me, a traveller possibly very much like yourselves, from personal experience, so you’ll get what I got. You won’t find any poetic literature on the “joys of travel”, eloquent travel writing stories about romantic outdoor dining, social media fluff or personal diary stories here. Leave a comment on what you’d like to see more of in my posts.

Visit my Flickr page to see all of my photos, and visit my ebay site or order directly from me to buy my prints!

New! I have created some mini handmade matted and cardboard mounted prints of my photos, see them here or order below using the contact form.

Contact me with the form below to order prints of my other photos, or any other questions or comments you might have. I will try my best to respond as soon as possible.



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